Are You Romantic?

Posted on Feb 19 2016 - 12:31pm by Hannah H.


Are you romantic?  Remember back in the day (pre-internet) when people used to read books and magazines?  I could never resist filling out those quizzes and questionnaires that would sometimes be in the back, you know, the ones that would tell you who your true love is or how old you’ll be when you find your soul mate:-).  I never took the results seriously, but it was always fun answering the questions.  Since it is February, I thought it would be fun to do an old-fashioned romance quiz.  You can quiz your partner as well to see what they score.

I came across this particular quiz while reading a very interesting book called Who Are You? 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself by Malcolm Godwin.  It’s full of assessments and ways to identify yourself,  if you are interested, click the link above.  So, without further delay, here’s the quiz.  Answer the questions and use the key at the bottom to calculate your results. 

Are You Romantic?

Do you:

  1. believe in the concept of soul mates?
  2. believe in love at first sight?
  3. tend to be tearful, or get a lump in the throat when seeing a sentimental movie?
  4. carry a photo of your beloved with you?
  5. dream of a long weekend alone with your lover in a secluded hotel with candlelit dinners?
  6. know the color of your lover’s eyes?
  7. remember the date, or the hour, where you first met?are-you-romantic-quiz-pic
  8. secretly keep your lover’s letters?
  9. keep a photograph album?
  10. like buying or receiving flowers?
  11. remember your first kiss?
  12. feel joyful when your partner remembers an anniversary?
  13. enjoy reading novels with a strong fantasy element?
  14. like books with a strong nostalgic flavor?
  15. sometimes prefer the dream of romance to the reality?
  16. keep mementos of good times?
  17. prefer reading fiction to non-fiction?
  18. enjoy learning about historic periods in which chivalry was important?
  19. subscribe to the motto “heart before the head”?
  20. feel that women are more emotional than men?
  21. find this 1930s picture on the right rather silly?
  22. find the picture charming, nostalgic and evocative of a more romantic epoch?


If you answer “yes” to 5 or less of the questions you are definitely a person in whom the head rules the heart.

A positive answer for 6-9 of the questions would be a great score for men, but under average for women.

A positive answer for 10-20 of the questions, pictures you as a truly incurable romantic.

How did you do?  Drop your score below or comment on the quiz.  I love to hear from you, so let me know if you like these kinds of quizzes. If you’re new to the blog check out my About Me page,  SHARE this and SUBSCRIBE! As always, thanks for reading!



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